Tuck Me In!

Pop Up/Flap Book
Bed Time

The baby animals are ready for bed. Open the book, turn the pages and help to tuck them in. A simple, playful book that is sure to become a favourite not only at bedtime.


Below are some suggestions taken from the attached Learning Time sheet for Tuck Me In,  for more ideas please feel free to download the attached sheet.


Role Play

Turn the home corner into a bedroom.

Make beds for baby dolls or soft toys out of boxes.

Provide baby blankets, wraps or pieces of material so the children can tuck the babies in.

Don’t forget some simple, familiar board books so the toddlers can read bedtime stories to their babies.

Imaginative Play

Provide the children with small animals to play with.

Add animals to the wooden blocks or sand play.


Water Play

Put plastic dolls in the water play for the children to wash.

Children must be always supervised by an adult around water.


Creative Play

Provide babies with different textured materials to explore.

Collect patterned material or wrapping paper and help the toddlers stick it onto a large piece of paper to make a big bedtime quilt.

Make a mobile of the moon and stars for the babies to look out. Older toddlers could help you paint or decorate them.

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Comments (8)

Ryming stories are loved by all young children as they can contribute to the reading in a meaningful way.


Although we have recommended this book for babies (birth - 2 years) it is loved by my four year old. The simple rhyming text is great for little ones who love being the reader!

my granddaughter went to bed really quick after reading this , now thats cool!

What a great innovation and clever way to help us with settling the little ones for bed

Another great book for my 'nanna Library'


My 12 month old granddaughter would love this as she's discovering books.

If you go to Activity Time under related resources for this book there is a great activity, you can make a little bed to tuck your own animal friends into.

we borrowed this book from the library and my son loved tucking in all the animals!