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5 years+

The Wrong Book is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

The Little Big Book Club had been excitedly anticipating the launch of Nick Bland's second app The Wrong Book. I have to confess that I immediately downloaded it and had a great time exploring and interacting with it while my children were in bed! It was with a bit of reluctance that I introduced the app to them on our iPad the following morning, and with good reason, they haven't given it back since!

Another fan of not only Nick Bland but also of book related apps is our Guest Blogger Jodie and her son AKA App Boy. Here Jodie shares her insightful review with us. . .

Review by Jodie McAlister

Pucker up your lips – good – now make a farting noise – go on!  Never fails to bring a smile to ones face, especially a youngster.  So Nick Bland and his merry team of app developers at Wheelbarrow knew they were on a winner there!  Yes kids – there are farting monsters!

Right from the app cover you know you are in for a treat with sneaky crowns, elephant trunks and puppet legs being dangled from within and urging fingers to get tapping.  The Wrong Book doesn’t disappoint.  With the ever-miffed Nicholas Ickle being pipped at the post by a parade of ‘me time’ intruders this book subtly introduces an important theme while entertaining.  For my son, aka App Boy, the ‘me time’ intruders are more often than not in the form of dinner, a bath or his little sister –none the less painful though much less entertaining.

This app has just the right level of interaction, enough to be fun without highjacking the text and the original story.  The unexpected feature is the impact of Frank Woodley’s animated narration.  Suitably forceful without crossing the anger line – though the frustration with the puppet is palpable.   Woodley’s voice is a lovely accompaniment – he is funny mad, not angry mad – that in itself is a good lesson for the kiddies.

(You can see a youtube clip here)

There is nothing mind blowingly new or different in the interactivity of this app, but that is perhaps its greatest feature.  The app utilises the best of what is on offer stylishly and seamlessly – including the ability to record your own audio, touch and play key words (although not all) and the shake, rattle and roll interactivity to find countless hidden gems, sounds and actions including peanuts, speedy rats and pirate treasure.  These features breathe life into Bland’s lovely crisp illustrations and layout.  The Wrong Book app compliments the print book, that already has a strong following, and will be a great addition to your app library by virtue of that – and of course the farting monsters!

P.S. This app is great value at the promo launch price of AUD $1.99 from the iTunes store.

Make and Do

Be sure to use all the good resources you are familiar with and employ with print books – the ebooks and apps should be no different – to learn, imagine and play.

You can start with these:

The teaching notes as ideas for further play and discussion

As well as the LBBC’s resource

But for my money it would be lots of fun to use the technology at hand to make your own ‘The Wrong Book” introducing (through photos and text) your own child’s ‘me time’ intruders.  Use the Book Creator App to do this – or just be old school and make it on paper with drawings and photos.  Your child could draw themselves (always a fun exercise!) and then use photos of the bath, a sibling, tooth brush and other ‘me time’ intruders.

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A wonderful fun entertaining app with great vocals and graphics. A nice accompaniment to the book, enhances the reading experience.

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