The Terrible Plop

Rhyming Stories

Here is the story
Of the Terrible PLOP,
With a bear and a rabbit
And a hop hop hop.

But what is the PLOP?
And where does it hide?
Open the book
And look inside . . .

From award-winning author Ursula Dubosarsky and illustrator Andrew Joyner comes an irresistible new picture book about a little rabbit who learns that some things in life aren't as scary as they seem. Based on a Tibetan myth, a sound in the forest sets all the animals running for their lives from the Terrible Plop. Children will be charmed by the wonderful zany energy of the illustrations and the rollicking rhyming story.




Publishers Weekly

When they hear a terrifying “PLOP!” six little rabbits that have been peacefully munching chocolate cake and carrots by the lake end up initiating animal mass hysteria à la Henny Penny. Newcomer Joyner's cartoonish illustrations are full of melodramatic action as the entire forest of panicked animals runs from a foe they've never seen. Dubosarsky's (Rex ) reworking of a Tibetan story is full of sure-footed rhythm and rhymes that repeat words without becoming stale (“They do not stay./ They do not stop./ They run run run/ From the Terrible PLOP”). Even the biggest bear in the forest is eventually fooled—only the reader and “the littlest rabbit/ with the littlest hop” discover that the ominous sound is nothing but an apple falling from an overhanging tree into the lake. This talented Australian duo builds the suspense to just the right pitch, skillfully focusing the story on the smallest rabbit. Despite its fears, the rabbit ends up enjoying some more cake by the shore as it concludes that “All this running/ Should really stop.../ Who's afraid/ Of a silly old PLOP?”     reviewed 20/7/09


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Sounds like a fun book

My children love watching the video of this story that you have on this website.