The Monster at the End of This Book . . . Starring Grover!

Sesame Workshop
Board Book
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5 years+

This awesome book was first published in 1971! We have had many discussions about the fact that although this book is over 40 years old, it was just made to be an e-book! The theory we have come up with is that Sesame Street, at the time were animators as opposed to authors and illustrators. So it goes without saying that this e-book is one of the best. The thing I love best about this app is that it remains so true to the book. If you remember this book as a child you won’t be disappointed. The reader is encouraged to interact with the page by cutting ropes, knocking down walls etc… The best thing is, is that these interactions do not detract from the story but rather enhance it.

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The Monster at the End of This Book enhances the classic Sesame Street book with a completely immersive experience that draws children right into the story. Join lovable, furry old Grover as he tries his very hardest to tie down pages and build brick walls— all to keep readers away from the monster at the end of this book. The all-time favorite you loved as a child comes alive for today’s young readers with interactive play, plus touch-point animation. 

Families can share this giggle-filled story together in a brand-new way that children will ask to read again and again. The Monster at the End of This Book is a truly enchanting reading experience for kids—and monsters—of all ages.

Funny, furry features include:

  • Lively, interactive animation that responds to your child’s touch
  • Narration by lovable old Grover himself

--and tapping Grover makes him talk!
  • Engaging activities that empower readers to decide how and when to move the story forward—plus encourage kids’ spatial development and listening skills

  • Word highlighting to help build beginning reader skills

  • Easy-to-follow parent tips for helping kids tackle common fears, reflecting the book’s underlying curriculum messages about courage and labeling emotions
  • Bookplate personalization — add your child's name!

You can download the app here

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This app is very entertaining and fun. My children cannot get enough of it and is one amongst the handful of apps that they keep going back to and never get tired of. Great graphics and humourous.

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