The Emperor's Kingdom

Dr Roger Kirkwood
Book / DVD
Suitable for: 
5 years+

Through amazing footage and stunning photographs, this DVD book uncovers the magical life of the Emperor Penguins, the world's largest penguins.

Catch a glimpse of the Emperor Penguins as they scamper across the ice.

Watch the colony huddle together to stay warm during the freezing Antarctic winter.

See the baby penguins, snug and warm on their dad's feet.

Observe the hungry babies as they demand food from their parents.

Come for a wander through The Emperor’s Kingdom, and experience a year in the life of these amazing creatures.


Roger Kirkwood spent a year living with Emperor Penguins on the Mawson Coast of Antarctica. He has participated in numerous research trips to study penguins and seals. When not venturing south, Roger works as a marine biologist for the Phillip Island Penguin Parade in Victoria, Australia.

You can find out more about penguins at the following websites:


Below are some suggestions taken from the attached Learning Time sheet for The Emperor's Kingdom,  for more ideas please feel free to download the attached sheet.


Before Reading

Have some ice cubes in a bowl. Let the children feel the ice cubes and talk about how cold they are. Explain that some animals, like penguins, live in icy cold places all year round.

Ask the children what they know about penguins. Make a list of their ideas. Do the children have any questions about penguins? Make a list of their questions too.


During Reading

Explain to the children that this is a non fiction book. A non fiction book tells us information.

Show the children the Contents page and explain what it is for.

If you give the children lots of opportunities to ask questions and share ideas, while you are reading the book, it will help their comprehension.

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The pictures in this book are rich and captivating and the text compliments it well. Simple yet educational, perfect for the young ones to read and comprehend. Is a great resource to encourage more learning and awareness about these beautiful animals. Can be a great home school resource too. The DVD is a good accompaniment but would have been good if the quality of the images were sharper. All in all a recommended book for all ages. 

The older children would be able to read this book to the younger ones. 

my granddaughter would love this, as she totally loved the penguins that we saw, at Sydney Aquarium she even cried when we left them

Penguins are such fun loving little creatures and young Cooper loves them with a vengeance lol

My son loved watching Happy Feet and this would be even better as it's about Penguins and they are absolutely beautiful....I think everyone would enjoy this.

I was lucky to read this book, and the little bits you learn are fantastic. My children would love the interactive DVD that goes with it. How awesome.

what an awesome looking book! my 3yo has an obsession with penguins at the moment due to going to the melbourne aquarium and also seeing mr poppers penguins at the movies

My boys would love this book too. One of the Twins is animal mad, his whole room is decorated with Kookaburras. They love reading and love reading about animals

my son is really interested in penguins at the moment and would really enjoy this book

my son wuld just love this book he loves animals

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