Mary Lyn Ray & Marla Frazee
Suitable for: 
5 years+

At The Little Big Book Club we read, review and recommend hundreds of fantastic picture books every year. We then use these books to encourage and inspire families and professionals to read and play with their children.

Reading with children from birth has many benefits such as language and literacy development. However, books can do so much more than that including helping children develop confidence, courage and self-esteem.

Every now and then we come across a book that ticks all the boxes.

Stars is one of those books.

The simple, gentle text paired perfectly with the somewhat whimsical illustrations invites children to notice the stars in the sky and feel reassured and empowered by them, even when you can’t see them.

From the opening lines. . .

A star is how you know it’s almost night.
As soon as you see one, there’s another, and another.
And the dark that comes doesn’t feel so dark.

You are then taken on a enchanting journey that encourages you to find stars in nature and to even make a star to keep in your pocket for days when you don’t feel so shiny. It then comes a full circle by returning to the night sky with the reminder. . .

And if sometimes you can’t see them, they’re still there.

Every night.


This is an absolutely beautiful book that is not only a delight to read aloud, provides many possibilities for enjoying once the book is finished but will also empower your little ones.

Stars gets five stars from us!

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A sweet book with a lovely message. The illustrations are magical, just like the night sky. A great bedtime read, very calm and comforting.

Stars always inspire little ones and none less than our little one who loves anything to do with nature and the sky and stars

Stars have a special magic for young children

Very appropriate - twinkle twinkle little star was the first song my daughter learnt to sing.... and she still loves it!

This looks like a lovely book.

My 18month Grandson lives with us in the country and when we go outside at night to look at the stars, his little face lights up as there are so many. A lot more than in the city, so this book would be perfect to read to him as he is looking up in awe and smiling with delight.

My grand chidren always make a wish on the first star they see. What a wonderful book to read to my grandchildren.

Sounds like a lovely book to introduce the Stars to little ones

My near 4yr old lies down on a soft towel on the grass and looks at the stars on a warm night. He loves looking up at the sky.