Squish Rabbit

Katherine Battersby
Board Book
Suitable for: 
5 years+
Problem Solving

Do you remember as a child, feeling small and alone in a big world? Katherine Battersby does. It is that feeling combined with her career as a paediatric occupational therapist that led her to write Squish Rabbit.

Squish is just a little rabbit. But being little can lead to BIG problems. Sometimes Squish is hard to hear. . . and see. And it isn’t easy making friends. But no matter how little Squish is, one thing is certain. . . he has a very large heart.

Katherine Battersby has drawn on her experiences of working with children to write and illustrate a heartwarming picture book that is destined to become a family favourite.  “I got to work with some of the most amazing young people and was constantly inspired by their stories. My work is definitely influenced by this time, as I tend to write about the kids in life who are often overlooked yet have extraordinary things inside them.” 

This book would make the perfect Easter gift.

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Just finished reading this book to my children and I can't wait to get a copy for ourselves. The Long wait to finally borrow it from the library has been well worth it. Well written and lovely illustrations. And a great message to all little squish rabbits!!

Squish Rabbit looks exactly like my little girl's special friend, BeeBee, a flat soft bunny.  I'd love for her to have this book as she could so identify with the main character and perhaps learn some very valuable things through reading the book with me.  She's a girl with very big feelings and sometimes struggles to manage and express them, Squish Rabbit would be perfect to help her know that her feelings are okay and real and that every feeling she has is valuable too.

I would love to win this book for my niece

Looks like a lovely book.  My grandchildren would love it

After all the marvellous reviews, I'd so love Squish Rabbit for grandchildren

my near 4yr old tells me similar stories about his stuffed doggie. He tells me about doggie's sad last day of kindy or about mean boys and girls. I realised after the first couple of times this happened that when he feels deeply about something he uses doggie to express these feelings.

i deffinetly have to check this book out for my daughter.

The kindergarten rabbit where I work is called Squishy :)

This book looks lovely.

This is DEFINITELY on our wish list after reading many reviews on it

Wow - we haven't read this book yet but the great endorsements both within the LBBC community and the industry are ensuring we will!  I can't wait.

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