Sleepy Bears

Mem Fox & Kerry Argent
Bed Time
Rhyming Stories

Winter is here, and in winter, bears sleep. But how do you convince six not-so-sleepy bear cubs to go to bed? Mother Bear, of course, has a found a way.


Please find below some ideas from our Sleepy Bears Learning Time sheet (see attached resources). 

Creative through play - Sleepy Bears at Home

  • Think about turning the home corner into the Sleepy Bears home.
  • You could create one large bed from quilts and pillows or several smaller beds for children to re-enact the story.
  • Ask the family’s to donate some old pyjamas or dressing gowns for the children to dress up.


Teddy Bear Pyjama Party

  • Ask the children come dressed in their pyjamas and bring their favourite toy or teddy
  • Have a feast for the children to share (Ali Bear would love to be invited too!)
  • The children may like to invite their families to share the feast
  • The children can be involved in making decorations and invitations and helping to decide what type of food to share. What type of food do bears eat?


Teddy Bear Beds

  • Using boxes such as tissue boxes and cereal boxes the children can make beds for their teddies or cuddly toys.
  • Provide scraps of material, foam, wadding for the children to use as bedding.

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