Seaside Sandcastle

Natalie Marshall
Board Book
Touch & Feel

The sandcastle competition is about to begin! Each page contains a 'beachy' touch & feel texture including a soft seagull, shiny fish and a grand sandcastle.

Rare words to be found in this book:

Competition, scales, and trophy. 


Guest Book Review by Annie Maynard, Raising Literacy Australia Ambassador

We have been reading this book for a couple of months on and off. It is a very simple narrative that revolves around two little people who are making a sandcastle for a competition. This book is ideal for children around 9 months who are really getting tactile, as there are surfaces and textures on each page for them to explore. Having said that there is enough detail in the graphics to extend your own storylines and exploration of colours and objects, so that my nearly two year old still quite enjoys it. The graphics are bright and dominant over the story – but it is cleverly written so that the tense is very active and encourages interaction with the readers. A great one for the car!


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