Santa's Aussie Holiday

Maria Farrer & Anna Walker
Board Book

Each year Santa likes to have some fun, a chance to get some rest and sun; he spins his globe for inspiration and finds a perfect destination . . . Australia!

This charming Christmas story answers the question, 'What does Santa do when he isn't getting ready for Christmas?' He takes a well-deserved holiday! Join Santa and his new Aussie mates as they travel around Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef to Rottnest Island.


Please find below some ideas extracted from LBBC Learning Time sheet for Santa's Aussie Holiday picture book, for more suggestions check out the attached sheet.

Christmas/Holiday Post Cards

  • Using cardboard the same size as a postcard have the children decorate the card with stamps, stickers and glitter.
  • Encourage the children to address the post cards. Have all the children’s names for other children to copy.
  • Make a letterbox from a large cardboard box for the children to post their postcards to their friends.
  • You may like to choose one child each day to deliver the postcards.


Make an Aussie Christmas Wreath

  • Go for a walk with the children and collect gum leaves, sticks and gumnuts.
  • The children can paint the gumnuts and sticks; you may like to try colours like gold, silver or red.
  • Using strong cardboard cut into a donut shape, the children can glue their natural materials onto the cardboard to create a wreath.


Exploring Our World

Travel Agency Excursion

  • If possible organise an excursion to a travel agency. While there the children can collect brochures, you may like to focus on the same destinations as Santa.
  • Alternatively the children may like to pick some places or countries they are interested in.

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