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We were so excited to feature the amazing book Press Here in August 2011. The book was like an interactive app but without the iPad! When we heard that the creator, Herve Tullet, had produced an app version we were initially apprehensive. What more could an app offer?

Jodie McAlister: An Aussie mum to Vanna (4) and Taula (8 months) living, working, reading and playing in Nuku’alofa Tonga reviews the Press Here App and provides some fantastic ideas for what to do when your iPad is recharging!

I thought about a dot’s variation and decided to make up a kind of ‘tactile poetry.’

Hervé Tullet

When I became aware of the Press Here app I was simultaneously full of joyous anticipation and ..... petrified.  Why would an e version of coloured dots petrify me?  Because the print book Press Here is such an original and imaginative piece of work (I think of it as a blueprint for the best book apps - not technically of course, but certainly creatively) and I feared that the app would somehow be less.  

None of this stopped me from rushing to the iTunes store.  This is a stand out 5 star app.  Tullet and the developers could have rested on their laurels and the success of the print book, but this app is so much more.  It magically utilises every possible iPad feature while delivering a simple, flowing and beautifully creative experience. 

The Press Here app is an endless web of magical features and games (well the combinations seem endless although in reality there are 15 games to explore) as opposed to a story.  Dots will burst into fireworks, attach in a chain, eat other dots and even break into a game a little reminiscent of that old tennis computer game we used to play back in the dark ages.  Proof of the app’s likeability - App boy turned off the television last night and asked if he could have his iPad just so he could keep on discovering the magic of dots.

This one lone little yellow dot, with all it can do and be, will no doubt become a strong childhood memory for generations of kids, instantly lulling them back into the creative, relaxing and magical play of the Press Here book, app and Tullet’s tactile poetry.

Make and Do

  • An excellent activity associated with this book is to make your own Press Here book – this could be done with textas or paint and paper.  A great simple activity to explore the potential of dots!  We went one step further to make a little movie of our dots.  I have to admit I lost app boy during this process which he found kind of boring – until he saw the end product and wanted to get working straight away on adding stripes.  A lesson here is that even if the kids don’t get where you are going – sometimes it is worth keeping on so they can see how things are created.

You can view our dots here (made on iMovie):

  • Chronicle books have a great pdf on their site which supports Press Here – I don’t think you really need a pdf to make your own book, but it does have a great suggestion for teachers to make a human press here with kids and coloured dots pinned on their tops – now I would love to make a movie of that!

  • Search for dots around the house – on clothes, on nappies, on toys.  Count dots, colour dots, cut out dots, join the dots.  Just go dotty!
  • Make colour shaving foam (food dye and foam) and have a dotty time in the bath.
  • Have fun with the Related Resources based on the book.

Please note that there are 2 versions of the Press Here App - one for iPad and one for iPhone. Details can be found at the itune store. 



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