Press Here

Herve Tullet

Press here. That's right. Just press the yellow dot...and turn the page.

It all starts with a yellow dot and an invitation from an unseen storytellor, “Press here and turn the page.” The reader obliges, only to discover that their innocent act has made another yellow dot appear. Press again and a third comes to life. Then things start getting wild. Rub the dots, they change color. Tap them five times, more appear. Shake the book, they scramble. Tilt the book, they slide. And don’t even ask what clapping does. After a raucous climax, the book ends where it began – with a yellow dot and an invitation, “Want to do it all over again

This irresistible picture book is ideal for sharing with children.

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We've recently borrowed Press Here and my daughter (22 months) is intrigued. So original and fun!

Children enjoy parents and grandparents reading a book to them as they encourage them to read,

Involving children physically captures their attention more readily.

Looks like a very fun book!

My friend's little girl had this book in New Zealand when I visited it is a really good book - it really is an amazing book for a child

would love this book , even I may learn something reading it!

Cooper loves interactive books so looks likes another book to keep my eyes open for

Dots are so interesting and you can do so much with and nanna's love them.


This is an amazing book, so unlike anything else I have seen. Every child (and adult) I have shared it with have been transfixed.

sounds like an interesting book to read... will have to search this one out in the library!

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