Parrot Carrot

Rhyming Stories

Meet a snake who looks like a rake and a parrot who looks like a carrot!

This delightful rhyming children’s book is for lovers of silly wordplay and funny pictures - a perfectly entertaining book for preschoolers.

Parrot Carrot will make you giggle every time you read it! The concept is simple - what happens if you mix two things that rhyme. Add some kooky illustrations and a strong design sense and you get a gaggle of mixed-up animals and loads of quirky visual humour. Try to make up your own rhyming animals! It’s addictively good fun!

The concept has also been developed into an iPhone app, allowing kids to search for their own

rhyming word pairs and create silly mashups.

This exciting app, one of the first based on an Australian children's picture book, has been created by advertising agency Leo Burnett - winner of a swag of international awards for their clever and creative advertising campaigns. Released simultaneously with this gorgeous picture book, you can find out more at

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My little one loves rhymes...she grins from ear to ear when Dad makes up silly little rhyming stories. Fantastic book for children of all ages!

Sounds like a great fun book that the kids would love

This sounds like a happy, fun book that the little ones would love!

my son loves carrots and we have an avairy with parrots so he would love this book

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