Owl Know How

Cat Rabbit & Isobel Knowles
Suitable for: 
5 years+
Problem Solving

Owl Know How is about solving problems.

Big problems that can only be solved with owls!


When I received an email from the Publicity Manager at Thames and Hudson asking me if I would be interested in reviewing a new release described as

 ". . .intricately detailed rabbit and owl characters - everything is recycled material and the narrative is based on solving problems with help from friends and the community."

I of course replied ". . . I would love a review copy . . ."


Enter the magical world of Cloud Town, meet Cornelia Rabbit and her best friend, Orvi, and you won't want to leave!

The subtly textured cover hints at the delights to come. Each page provides endless opportunities for discovery .We have spent hours exploring the delicate felt and cardboard creations, delighting in the wonderful details like the teapot shaped as an owl.

You can imagine the excitement when Miss 4 and Miss 7 realised how things were created and that they could try and make their own. I know this book is going to provide us with endless creative inspiration. The book even comes with its own pattern that you can use to make your own owl from felt or paper.

The story is just as wonderful as the illustrations. The detail of the pictures are perfectly paired with uncomplicated text. Without giving too much away . . . Cornelia and Orvi have an exciting adventure where they realise that 'owl know how' and teamwork is the only way to save their town from falling from the sky.

Cat Rabbit teams up with animator Isobel Knowles to illustrate this adorable book with her cute and covetable felt characters where everything has been constructed out of felt, cardboard and various other recycled materials.

Highly recommended for ages 3 +. The story is simple enough for younger bookworms to follow and older readers will adore the artistic and imaginative ideas it is bound to stimulate.


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