One Very Tired Wombat

Renee Treml
Australian Animals
Rhyming Stories

A delightful new counting book featuring a cast of cheeky Australian animals and lots of humour.

One wombat is very tired, and he just wants to rest. The birds try to be quiet – well, some of them, anyway – but it seems that they're not as quiet as they think.

Poor tired wombat. Will he ever get some sleep?

One Very Tired Wombat is a charming counting book featuring some very cheeky Australian animals.


Rare words to be found in this book are


Calm, silent, peepcurious, curlews, inquisitive, pair, furtive, frogmouths, peacful, pigeons, coo-cooing, penguins, mischeveous, magpies, warbling, chatter, squawk, garish, galahs, budgerigars, flair, cackling, kookaburras, tweet, hysterically, flittering and fairy wrens




Editorial Reviews

This delightful counting picture book is cleverly written and designed . . . The alliterative and well-worked language works well being read aloud while many will delight in the beautiful illustrations." - Liz Derouet, Magpies

"Counting books are a dime a dozen, but Renee Treml's imaginative language makes One Very Tired Wombat unique! … - Kids' Book of the Week, Sunday Telegraph

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Love these books for little minds to explore the pages, and to go outside and act out the book. A great activity.

would love to win this for my 5yr old she loves wombat stories.....