Let's Go, Baby-o!

Board Book

Let's go, Baby-o! You and me! To the up, to the down and the turn around . . .
to the wibble and the wobble . . .
and the flip, flop, hop.

Baby and his cousin play action games, but in between they stop to look out the window. What do they see? When you look through the window, what can you see?

"From the beginning, babies enter into a world of people, animals, things, places and events. As they grow, they watch and listen to what is happening around them. And they respond - they squeal and shout, and learn to talk; they jiggle, bounce and clap; they smile and laugh and cry. Then those around them talk back. The exchange continues, and so as babies grow they learn more and more about their world." Janet McLean

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Another favorite at our house, the rhyming fun actions alternating with watching the cycle of chicks leaving the nest is a winner. Our daughter, 22 months requests "Baby-O" several times a day while we have it from the library

a top little book for the ever inquisitive little person in the house

I would love to have this stimulating book to read to my little 7 week old very alert granddaughter.

My little man would love this - especially given he's getting a lot more mobile and interested in the world around him  - it looks great!

Gorgeous looking book, my little girl would love it.

Would love this for my 6 week old - more so that his older sister can start reading to him ....

A great book for little inquisitive minds

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