Let's Count Goats!

Mem Fox & Jan Thomas
Rhyming Stories

A winning picture book by world-renowned author Mem Fox with colourful illustrations by Jan Thomas.

The brilliant rhyming text will have children smiling, clapping and counting the ever increasing goats!

How many goats do you see?

What we love about this book:

  • The hilarious illustrations that seem to leap off the page.
  • The strong vocabulary used in the story, lots of important words such as over and under are reinforced and interesting words like rowdy and terrified are introduced.
  • This is a counting book with a difference. The story invites you to count the goats on each page, but rather than a traditional number book with pages of numerals and objects, this book incorporates counting and numbers into it's wonderful story.

Who will like it:

  • Children (and adults) that love Where Is The Green Sheep?
  • Anyone who appreciates goats with funny facial expressions.

What next:

  • Visit Mem Fox's website for inspiration and the importance on reading to children. You can also hear her read some of her stories.
  • Visit Jan Thomas' website for fun free printable activities.
  • Go to your local library and borrow some more books by this amazing Australian author.

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Comments (6)

Love Mem Fox in this house.

Love Mem Fox


My 6yo son would love this....you're never to old for a Mem Fox book!


A wonderful book for engaging children in rhyme and action experiences !

Looks like lots of fun!

Mem Fox. It's gotta be great!

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