Lest We Forget

Suitable for: 
5 years+
Australian History
My granddad says there are two types of days: those you want to remember and those you want to forget ...'

A young boy visits his granddad and thinks about the important days in his life: his first day of school, playing soccer with his team, the day his baby sister was born. Yet through the illustrations the reader sees a parallel story of the grandfather's experiences at war: wearing his brand-new soldier's uniform, with his fellow diggers in the field, looking at a photo of the baby he's never met. This story helps us explain the importance and the significance of why the nation stands still and remembers on 25th of April and 11th of November.

This story is suited for children aged 5 years and above and will work best by taking time to explore the illustrations and to talk about new concepts, helping young readers to truly understand the story.


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