Christina Booth
CBCA Shortlist

Mrs. Bea knows Kip is special but....the neighbours do not think so! What can Mrs. Bea do when Kip discovers he can crow?



Kip has been awarded as an HONOUR BOOK in the 2010 Australian Children's Book Council Awards,  Early childhood category.
Kip was also awarded as a  Notable Children's Book in the Picture book category


Teacher's Notes by Christina Booth & Windy Hollows

After waiting 3 weeks for our first clutch of eggs to hatch, one of the chicks couldn’t make its way out of the egg. We watched and waited as the other chicks arrived and this one poked its beak through the shell and wriggled a lot. Slowly it wriggled less and less and it took too long to hatch. We decided to help even though this usually ends sadly. Very weak and a little small, this chick spent its first night warmed by a hot water bottle in the house with lots of cuddles and rubbing to keep it going. We called the chick, Kip, which is Dutch for chicken and also because it slept a lot. We really hoped it wouldn’t be a rooster as we really loved this cute bundle of fluff.

But then one day with a shake of his feathers and a puff of his chest, COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! Kip liked what he heard. We didn’t. It wasn’t too bad except for when he tried to rouse the hens at three in the morning each day. So, we tried to find a home for him where he wouldn’t become someone’s dinner!  Until he moved to the country he slept in our house each night in a cat carrier so that he wouldn’t upset the neighbours. He was an excellent alarm clock and no-one slept in for the six months we took to find him a home.

So, the book Kip was ‘hatched’, quite naturally it was a story to be told. We live in the city so having noisy animals can be a problem, especially if you want to stay friendly with the neighbours. Thankfully the neighbours never complained about him and they did miss him when he left. They did, however,
complain about the recycle trucks that collect twice a week at six in the morning and the speeding cars along the road late at night. I decided it was the twist I needed in the story and that all it needed was to be told in pictures and not the words.

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