Just Right

Giving & sharing

How many presents can be made from a big roll of cloth that is red and soft and Christmassy?

Just the right number . . .

The King finds the perfect soft, red cloth to make the princess a cloak for Christmas. Once the cloak is made, the leftover cloth is put outside where, in turn, it is found by someone and made into a different present. Each gift gets smaller and smaller as the leftover cloth diminishes – but it’s still just right – until the last teeny bit of cloth is used to make a scarf for the smallest mouse to keep him warm from the winter chill.

Rhythmical writing and vibrant and energetic pictures bring to life this lovely story with a perfect Christmas message that giving to your loved ones is just as much fun as receiving.

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Comments (2)

My nephew has just discovered reading and this would be perfect for him.

would love this for a 3 year old great niece