I'm a dirty Dinosaur

Janeen Brian & Ann James

Book Theme: Bathtime

One of The Little Big Book Club's favourite books of the year - 'I'm a dirty Dinosaur' is a fun, rollicking rhyming story about a cheeky dinosaur who loves to play in the mud! And what does a dirty dinosaur do once he's had a wash and is all clean again...we'll give you one guess!

With fantastic rhyme and repetition throughout, this book is sure to strike a chord with young and older readers, matched with gorgeous and unique illustrations created using a magic pencil, real mud from a dam and watercolour.

Make sure you watch our video interview with creators Janeen Brian and Ann James to find out more about this lovable dinosaur character.


Rare words to be found in this book:

Snout, snuff, gosh and swamp.

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Comments (6)

This is an awesome book. We love it.

For my Oliver!
Sounds like a great book, my son is a mud magnet!
Would love this for my little boy who loves to make a mess!

Thomas is just waiting to have I'm a Dirty Dinosaur in his collection. Well done! LBBC

My little Sauras will love this!

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