Hunwick's Egg

Mem Fox & Pamela Lofts
Suitable for: 
5 years+
Australian Animals

When a mysterious egg appears outside Hunwick's burrow, no one is certain what to think. And when it doesn't hatch right away, everyone is even more bewildered. Everyone, that is, but Hunwick. For Hunwick understands the egg. It is his friend. And he is the only one who knows its secret.

By the author and illustrator of the Australian classic Koala Lou.

You can read an interview with Mem Fox about her book here.

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Mem Fox and Pamela Lofts team up again for this sweet but sad story about a lonely bandicoot. I loved the illustrations in this book, although the story was a little bit depressing... maybe not for kids though. Poignant is the word I guess. I liked Koala Lou better...

Another Aussie themed book to look out for!


love Mem Fox books, no doubt will be just as fantastic as her others :)


Brilliant!!! A beautiful story about nurturing. I have read this to many preschool children who are enthralled each time! I found a perfect round creamy stone once and put it aside as i knew i would be  able to use it...and then along came this story...perfect prop to use with this book!!

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