Grug Goes to School

Ted Prior
New experiences

Join Grug on a new adventure as he learns about going to school.

At first he is cautious of exploring the small school near his house but soon discovers a classroom full of little chairs, pencils, blackboards and books.

It looks like a fun and inviting place! When the bell rings, Grug heads for finish his homework!

Another delightful book in the very popular Grug series. For more fun with Grug, visit


Rare words to be found in this book are:

Peered, tip-toed, desk and blackboard.

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Comments (4)

this would encourage my boy to go school ,sounds like quite an adventure

Love Grug books but I do wish they were bigger in size so that you can read this book to a group of children

I simply love only concern is that I wish they were bigger in size

Love the GRUG...beaut little books.

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