Echidna Jim Went For A Swim

Phil Cummings & Laura Wood
Suitable for: 
Australian Animals

Echidna Jim is super excited as he heads to the beach with his friends.  He puts on his snorkle, splashes and sploshes but something goes POP!  This story is filled with great words, take time to explore these with your toddler and help to build their own vocabulary.

Guest Review | Annie Maynard | Actor | Mum of one | Raising Literacy Australia Ambassador

You know how some books are just a hit the moment you open the front cover? This was Echidna Jim. I have been asked to read this again even before we turn the last page, and even with all the fickle book preferences at bed time, I am pretty sure I have read Echidna Jim to a smiling face every night for the week that we have had this story. Beautiful, simple words hold the narrative attention without overwhelming the story. The illustrations are really cute, and we have found stories within stories each time we read this one. Particularly useful if you have a little one who is frightened of the water. I love the gentle way that Jim’s difference (his spikes) can cause conflict, but he has a very accepting gang of mates … although this isn’t a sickly sweet morality tale, it is sparse and gentle and lets lots of imagination and possibility for conversation in. A huge hit!

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