Daddy Cuddle


It’s very early in the morning. Too early to be up! But one little early riser is awake and ready for action! This simple endearing tale is one that children will love and parents will definitely relate too!

Rare words to be found in this book:

Kite and snuggle. 


Guest Book Review: Annie Maynard, Raising Literacy Australia Ambassador


This book is such a gentle and joyful little gem. The illustrations by Sara Acton have a lot of character and energy to them, they convey the story in a cute way that still lets your imagination in. I really love how restrained Kate Mayes has been with the text, it reads like the voice of a 2-3 year old and my son (who is 21 months) likes to imitate the words and name the things he can see in the picture. It is quite amusing at just how long the Daddy in the book can keep sleeping!! When he finally does give in to being woken up “before the milkman” we have been placing a lot of emphasis on the fact that they doze off back to sleep again at the end of the story! What a great idea!





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