Clementine's Walk

Annie White
Suitable for: 
2 & 3 year olds
Suitable for: 
4 & 5 year olds
Getting Out & About

Clementine was very bored, with nothing left to do. Then looking up she saw her lead, and that gave her a clue.

Poor Clementine, all she feels like doing is going for a nice long walk, but all of the people in her family are far too busy to go walking with Clementine. Not even the chooks will walk with her, even when she asks nicely!

Then, when her family finally finds the time, Clementine is nowhere to be found...but just as they were about to worry, they spy her lying on a pile of washing safe and sound.

And now because the weather is fine, what everyone wants to do is - take a walk with Clementine.


Rare words found in this book:

Dozing, bounded, knitting, squawk, sprawled.

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My grandkids will love this!


looks good

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