Check On Me

Bed Time

A small child describes his bedtime rituals with Dad: a ride to bed, favourite stories to be told, cuddles, kisses, conversation, a drink, a visit to the toilet, but most of all reassurance that even when he is asleep, his parents will check on him.  Another night passes safely and happily before a new day dawns.

A kiss, a cuddle, a drink.

And a story – but not just one from a book.


Andrew Daddo:

‘I’d been looking for a story like Check On Me since one of our kids, in an ultra-tired Sunday-night state, told me that I’d written a story for the other two kids, but not for her. It wasn’t true, of course. Every book I’ve written has bits inspired by all the kids, as well as my own childhood, things I see and things that are made up. I’m sure most children’s books are written in much the same way.

‘Having said that, there was probably a bit of truth in my daughter’s words, so I started thinking and listening and trying to see something in that particular child that might inspire a story of its own.

‘For a long time there was nothing — which is not to say she was not inspirational, it’s just that I couldn’t see the story. I tried. I watched and listened and really tried. And maybe it was a case of trying too hard, because I really couldn’t find a thing. And then one evening, after saying good night, she said what she always said, every night: “Goodnight, Daddy. Don’t forget to check on me.”

‘Why I “heard” it that night, and not a week or a month or a year before, is anyone’s guess. But there it was. “Check on me.” It was the last thing, always. And before the last thing were always the others. A ride to bed. A drink. A story. One last trip to the toilet. A whole world of other excuses not to go to sleep. And, “don’t forget to check on me.”

‘I’m sure all kids have their stalling techniques — I know we did as kids — and I enjoy the ones our kids have dreamt up. So like the other picture books I have written, this one contains bits of all the kids, but it was the words or actions of one that inspired the idea.’

The above information has been extracted from Check On Me Teachers' Notes - please see attached.



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