Bush Bash!

Australian Animals

Where is Dingo dashing off to? Come and join the Bush Bash to find out.

Dingo is headed somewhere looking excited, and the other animals want to know where he's going. Dingo won't say, so the others follow along in hot pursuit - two nosy numbats, three flying frogs, four burrowing bilbies … The animals are in for a surprise when Dingo's final destination is revealed on the last page.

There are animals to count, things to find and a surprise on the last page!


 What we love about this book?

  • Ambelin Kwaymullina has created more of her stunningly beautiful illustrations. Each  two page spread is filled with colour, details and patterns with a wonderful Indigenous feel. There is so much to explore.
  • The wonderfully simple repetitive text will have even the littlest of readers joining in with the reading in no time at all.
  • The surprise on the last page encourages you to read the book and interact with it on a whole new level. We can't tell you what it is, that would spoil the surprise!

Who will lenjoy reading it:

  • Anyone who likes book with an Indigenous Australian content.
  • People looking for a fun counting book that encourages interaction between the reader and the book.
  • The stunning illustrations will appeal to all ages.

What next:

Find some great ideas in the Teacher Notes provided by Hardie Grant Egmont. 

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Love the author & the illustrations look beautiful!

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