Bom! Went the Bear

Nicki Greenberg

BOM! went the Bear is a wonderful, joyous celebration of music and play.

BOM! went the bear on the big bass drum. Ting-ting-a-ting-ting-a Strum strum strum.

Bear loves to play his big bass drum.

On his own.

Making as much noise as he can, marching around like he's king of all the land.

It looks like so much fun that soon he's joined by all manner of enthusiastic musicians.

But with so many animals determined to deliver a command performance, is there room for Bear to march to the beat of his own drum?

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Comments (6)

Very relaxing, reading to my kids.

It's never to early for children to learn about the wonder of music. My daughter would adore this book!

Love that making a noise is a  good thing:-)

It creates a greater level of interaction between the adult and the child which is fantastic for both

It's never too early for children to own books, and this one looks terrific!

Love the idea of reading loudly to children, they love it too. Allows for expression.