Animal ABC

Allen & Unwin
Suitable for: 
5 years+
Alphabet Book

This beautiful alphabet book features vintage inspired illustrations of exotic and common animals that can help young children to start recognising the letters that make up the alphabet.

It is a detailed alphabet book that is suited for children who love animals including rare species such quetzal (bird) and zorilla.  

Rare words to be found in this book are:

Alligator, aardvark, cheetah, chameleon, echidna, flamingo, hedgehog, hippopotamus, hummingbird, ibis, iguana, impala, jaguar, lemur, lobster, macaw, mantis, newts, narwhal, piranha, quetzal, quelea, raccon, salamander, tuakari, vole, zorilla and zander.

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Comments (3)

I have two in the 0-2year category - numbers, colours and animals = perfect :)

My Grandson loves animals and is beginning to be interested in the alphabet. He is turning 2 next month and I think this would be a good book selection for him. Thanks everyone at the Little Big Book Club.

My Grandson is moving house so I think this would be a great little book to look at new experiences. Thanks LBBC