71 Sheep Try Soccer

Pablo Albo Guridi
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Have you ever seen a sheep play soccer?  This hilarious story is one about 71 problem solving sheep just trying to play a new sport.This book has very clever illustrations that help to tell a story about a flock of sheep trying their luck at game of soccer.  After a few obstacles arise the sheep find how important friendship, good team work and perseverance is.  71 Sheep Try Soccer is a very funny story with a few twists to keep the reader guessing what will happen next.

Guest Review |  Rosanna Mangiarelli |  LBBC Ambassador | Mum of three | TV Presenter, Today Tonight | Channel 7 Adelaide

For a little one who likes soccer, and numbers and sheep, I knew  '71 Sheep try soccer' was going to be a winner with Master 3. The game didn't quite go as planned for the sheep and while I thought it was funny, he was a bit worried. The ball became wedged in a tree, the wolf was lurking... what else could possibly go wrong?

I loved the theme of teamwork and getting a job done regardless of the obstacles the sheep faced. 71 Sheep try soccer is a fun, problem solving story that allows imaginations to flow, It's a little outside the box too, different and less predictable than many other books we have at home. The illustrations are pretty basic, yet effective. The best thing Master 3 likes about the book is the black sheep!


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