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FRIENDSHIP - whether it be with a dog, a duck or a sheep, a panda and an owl - is the theme of The Advertiser Little Big Book Club’s May selections. Yummy Ice-Cream, by Emma Quay and Anna Walker, is part of their Friends for Keeps series for babies to two-year-olds. Quay had won acclaim as a picture-book illustrator when she met Walker in 2006. They hit it off and decided to work together ‘Anna had some gorgeous character sketches and little dummy books to show publishers but hadn’t yet got a break,’’ Quay says. ‘‘As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to write something for her.’’The Friends for Keeps books include last month’s Little Big Book Club picture book Let’s Play House. The series has been short-listed for the 2010 Australian Publishing Association Best Designed Children’s Series award. The adventures of friends Panda, Owl and Sheep, the books convey a powerful message of friendship through delightful illustration and simple text. For two-and-three-year-olds, Duck, by Janet A. Holmes and Jonathan Bentley, is about a little boy who is inconsolable when he loses his fluffy duck. Wanted: The Perfect Pet, by Fiona Roberton, is for four-and-fiveyear- olds. It’s about Henry, who more than anything - ‘‘more than chips, more than a cowboy costume, more than a trip to the moon, more, even, than world peace itself’’ - wants a dog. And what child could fail to understand such a fervent desire?

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Written by Deborah Bogle

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