You Are (Not) Small Activity Time

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Activity Time





Theme: Size

Book title: YOU ARE (NOT) SMALL
By Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant

Tall towers

You will need:
  • Blocks
  • Measuring tape or ruler (optional).
  1. Talk with your child about building a big tower using blocks. What is the biggest tallest tower they can build?
  2. Start with one block and count each block as you build together
  3. Use lots of describing words such as big, tall, massive, large, giant, immense, great, high, lofty, soaring, etc to develop your child’s vocabulary
  4. When your tower is finished measure it using the measuring tape and see how tall it is. Or see if the tower is taller than your child or yourself
  5. Have fun crashing the tower down and building it all over again!
Further information
Chat with your child explaining that we can measure how tall or small something is using a ruler or a measuring tape. Measure lots of things around your home and record what you find. Compare some of the results - what is biggest and smallest?
Find a few objects (books, toys or blobs of play-doh) of different size and spend some time together sorting them into size order. Ask your child “Let’s find the biggest book and put it here. Now which book is the biggest book?” 
Build it Up Build it Up Build it high, Incy Wincy Spider, or Once I Caught A Fish Alive. 

Key message

Children are born ready to use and learn mathematics.
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