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By Renée Treml

Renée Treml brings back adorable Wombat in this story all about movement, opposites and sizes. Read along and share in all the fun that Wombat and little Puggle have together. This book is perfect to share with babies and toddlers. There may not be many words, but with each turn of the page, gorgeous illustrations brings this story to life! 
Activity Title: Paint hand print 
You will need:
  • Non toxic paint
  • Paper
  • Sponge 
  • Container or plate
  • Wet wipes for easy clean up. 
  1. Lay out paper 
  2. Place sponge on a small plate or in a container. Pour some paint onto the sponge
  3. Press your baby’s hand into the paint and onto the page
  4. Press your hand into the paint and onto the page
  5. Talk about what you can see. Point out your large hand and then to your baby’s small hand. 
TIP: Wear old clothes during this activity. If weather is good, you might consider doing this activity outside. You can even paint your foot prints!
After sharing the story Womat Big, Puggle Small you might like to: 
  • Build with blocks. Use lots of words with your baby about size such as tall, long, big, huge, high, short, or wide
  • If paint is too messy, trace around your baby’s hand and cut the shape out. Cut out your hand shapes and other family members and incorporate them into play time. You can arrange them from smallest to largest 
  • Use descriptive language when you are out and about. Notice and point out to your baby; large trees, short bushes, long buses, wide trucks or tiny ants. 
Cuddly Koala, Open Shut them or the Grand Old Duke of York.

Key message

Children are born ready to use and learn mathematics.

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