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Learning Time

THEME:      Families    July 2012

A leaf that flies...

A rock that hops...

These are some of the wonderful things that Simon sees on his walk with Nan.

Simon takes a walk through the bush with his Nan and along the way finds out that things are not always what they seem. 

A simple story about camouflage is brought to life with the beautiful illustrations by Karen Blair

Key Message For Parents

The Brain Develops Through Use

  • Babies’ brains are a work in progress.
  • The brain will not develop unless it has appropriate stimulation.
  • The brain takes in the external world through its system of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.
  • Positive early experiences helps form strong connections in the brain.
  • The best learning occurs in relationships that are nurturing, warm, consistent and predictable.

Learning Outcomes

Outcome Four: Children are confident and involved Learners.

Children resource their own learning through connecting with: people, place, technologies and natural and processed materials.

This is promoted when we provide opportunities for children to:

  • Engage in sensory and exploratory experiences with natural and processed materials.
  • Experience the benefits and pleasures of shared learning exploration within relationships that are warm, secure, nurturing and meaningful.
  • Positive early experiences helps form strong connections in the brain.

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