Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas Activity Time

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Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas by Lucinda Gifford

2020 National Simultaneous Story Time Book
Dora is perplexed about where her chooks go each night. Little does she know, they are chicken divas! A sparkly rhyming tale about a dazzling pair of performing chickens. 

Sing, dance and put on a spectacular performance like Whitney and Britney!

You will need: 
  • Template (see attached) 
  • Scissors 
  • Strip of paper
  • Sticky tape or a stapler
  • Pencils, crayons, textas.
What to do: 
  1. Print multiple copies of the feather template. Decorate each of the features in different colours and patterns using pencils, crayons and textas. 
  2. After you have finished colouring, cut out each of the features together.
  3. Cut strip of paper with enough length to make a scarf for your pre-schooler. Use the sticky tape or stapler to attach each of the feathers to the strip of paper.
  4. Play dress ups with your pre-schooler using their new fabulous feather boa! 
  5. Put together a singing and dancing performance with your toddler. Practice together and perform for family or friends.
More ideas: 
See what items you can find around the house and create some musical instruments! You can recycle containers and use a spoon to make a drum or put some rice inside to create a maraca. Use all the fun instruments in your performance! 
STEM Focus:
STEM includes engineering, which for children means building, making and using appropriate tools. When your child has opportunity to use tools (age appropriate scissors, tape dispensers, glue sticks, etc) to make their own constructions they develop their manipulative skills and hand-to-eye coordination. They also learn to organise and estimate.
Songs to sing:
‘Shake A Tail Feather’, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’, ‘Shake Your Sillies Out’.

Key message: Children learn by being engaged and doing.

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