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Where’s Spot? 40th Birthday Edition by Eric Hill

It’s dinner time! But where is Spot? Lift the flaps and follow the search for Spot the dog. This is the very first book in the well loved S pot series . A true classic
with timeless appeal for generations of children and families.

Key Message for Parents | Children learn through being engaged and doing

Encourage parents to regularly spen d time s haring s tories and special moments with their child

  • The brain develops though a ‘use it’ or ‘lose it’ process, only those connections and pathways that are frequently used and repeated are developed. Warm, nurturing and playful experiences help build the necessary connections for optimal brain development.
  • Children with secure relationships with adults are more able to actively engage with the world around them
  • The most powerful way children learn is though play , and lift the flap books a re lots of fun
  • Children need appropriate adult interaction for optimal brain development.

Australian Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

A strong sense of wellbeing provides children with confidence and optimism which maximise
s their learning potential . We see e vidence of this when:

  • Children demonstrate trust and confidence
  • Children engage in physical activities for purpose and enjoyment
  • Engaging in p hysical activity , which provides children with the foundation for their growing independence

Before Reading
Ask the children what they can see on the front cover of the book. They may already be familiar with the character of Spot. Encourage the children to share what they already know about Spot and the story or to make guesses and predication based on the title and the front cover illustration. What do you think Spot is looking for in the chest? Let’s see what Spot does in this book today.

During Reading
This is a fun lift the flap book. The children will love guessing what is under each flap. Give them the opportunity to call out their guesses before opening each flap. You can lead the game by posing questions such as Do you think Spot is under here? Do you think there will be a lion under this flap?

After Reading
Song – Happy Birthday
Explain to the children that this book is having a special day today. The book Where’s Spot is turning 40 years old! It was written and illustrated 40 years ago by Eric Hill. Invite the children to sing along with you. If anyone else is having a birthday then sing to them too! l activity , which provides children with the foundation for their growing independence.

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