Where's Spot? 40th Birthday Edition Activity Time

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Where’s Spot? 40th Birthday Edition by Eric Hill

It’s dinner time! But where is Spot? Lift the flaps and follow the search for Spot the dog.
Let’s play hide and seek!

You will need:
• Template (see attached)
• Scissors
• Paper plate
• Glue or sticky tape
• Pop stick
• Pencils, crayons, textas.

What to do:
1. Decorate the dog template with your pencils, crayons and textas.
After you have finished colouring, cut out the mask together.
2. Glue the mask to the paper plate and carefully cut out the eye holes.
3. Stick your dog mask onto a pop stick.
4. Using your mask, your child can enjoy pretending to be a dog! You can play hide
and seek like Spot in the story. Talk to your toddler as you play, “Here I come ready or not” “Are you behind the tree?” “I wonder if you are hiding behind the couch”.
5. Take turns to hide or seek. Encourage your toddler to talk about where they
are searching and where they think you might be.

More ideas:
Name your dog mask. Hide your dog mask around the house or in the garden.
Try to find it together. Talk to your toddler about where you are searching,
“Do you think the dog is under here?” “Where do you think the dog is hiding?”. You can also use move the mask around and talk with your toddler about different positions or places. For example, “the dog is on the chair”, “the dog is in your shoe”. When you have done this a few times, ask your child to tell you where the dog is: “the dog is on the couch”, “Now the dog is under the cushion”.

STEM Focus:
Noticing and observing are important skills to develop, particularly in relation to STEM concepts. By playing games that rely on looking and locating, and then describing and classifying we are giving children opportunity to practice skills
that build understanding of early concepts in math and science.

Songs to sing:
‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Open Shut Them’, ‘Happy Birthday’ (for Spot’s 40th).

Key message:Children learn language by listening to it and using it.

For full Activity Time please download the attached PDF
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