Where's Mrs Hen? Learning Time

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Learning Time


Before Reading 

Encourage parents and carers to get comfortable and try to settle their babies ready for the story. Babies can sit facing forward in laps or any other comfortable position, but make sure they are safely supported by theirparent’sarms! 
Babies love sensory experiences! Using a little bell or a toy with a squeaker or puppet will help gain baby’s attention. For this story you could use a small puppet that pops its head out from behind your back and says “Peek a Boo!”
Babies will enjoy this element of surprise! 
Introduce the book Where’s Mrs Hen! Look at the cover –what animal can we see? I wonder if Mrs Hen might have some friends on the farm we could meet –lets open the book and find out!

During Reading 

The setting for this book is a farm! It’s a lift the flap book, so good for interactive play! If you have multiple copies, please give a copy to each family to share with their baby during this story time session. 
As you lift the flap up, make a sound that goes up in pitch to mimic the action. Make the animal sounds as they are found too. Encourage parents/carers to join in as well!

After Reading 

Today’s story was a lift the flap book, so let’s first have some fun playing a peek a boo game together!


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