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Where Is Little Fish? by Lucy Cousins

Hide and Seek is a game that can be played anywhere – even in the ocean! Where is Little Fish? by Lucy Cousins is a fun and interactive read. This cleverly designed board book features bright and bold illustrations, sturdy flaps to lift and simple to read text. The deep-sea theme introduces many wonderful sea creatures such as coral, oysters and seaweed. This appealing book is ideal for little listeners and might even inspire a game of hide and seek too!

Key Message for Parents | Children learn through being engaged and doing

The most powerful way young children learn is through play. Babies love sensory toys and experiences, things they can touch, move, shake and see and hear. Share some ideas with parents on how they can play with their baby. Ideas include:

  • Choose interactive books with textural elements to touch and feel or study flaps to lift.
  • Play games such as hide and seek with soft toys and cover with a cloth…ask baby “where is teddy?” Baby will soon learn to pull the cloth off and reveal the hidden toy
  • Sing songs with gentle actions such as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star or Open, Shut Them. Sing facing your baby so they can watch your face – it won’t be long before they begin to copy your actions

Early Years Learning Framework | Learning Outcome 4: Children confident and involved learners

We can help young children become confident and curious learners by firstly developing their disposition for learning through:

  • Engaging babies in a range of physical experiences such as rolling, bouncing, and rocking
  • Using finger plays, songs and rhymes
  • Playing games such as hide and seek, “Peek-a-boo” and ball games. Use simple language such as “Where is the…?”


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