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Where Does a Giraffe Go To Bed? By Craig MacLean

Craig Maclean poses an interesting question - Where do giraffes go to bed? His answer is not what you might think! This story illustrates the sleeping habits of many well-known animals through rhyming text and pretty illustrations. It is a gentle, yet thought provoking read, which would make a lovely ‘goodnight’ story.

Key Message for Parents | Good nutrition, health and exercise are critical

Sleep is an essential part of healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep can affect your child’s mood and ability to function. Having a bed time routine is vital for children to develop good routines and habits around sleep. Some tips to share with parents on how to set up a positive sleep routine are:


  • Begin routine activities approximately one hour before bedtime. Dim the lights or play soft music to signal to your child that it is time to settle down. This relaxation mode can be also enhanced by a warm bath, massage and of course, cuddling up for a bed time story
  • A sleep routine doesn’t need to be hard work, but it does take time to work out what works best for you and your child
  • Once you have established a routine that works try to stick to it, as much as possible. Young children thrive on predictability; it helps them understand what comes next in their day.

Learning Outcomes | Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners

We can help young children become confident learners by:

  • Providing learning experience that are open ended and that begin with a child’s own knowledge. In context, “what are some things we know about giraffes?”
  • Encourage thinking strategies when reading out loud like prediction or problem solving. In today’s story, children are presented with a fact (giraffes sleep with their head on a cloud) Is this true? To answer this question, children will be questioning and wondering. These conversations promote and encourage creativity and critical thinking
  • Listen carefully to children’s ideas and reflections. By doing this we are validating their efforts and also modelling good listening.


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