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WHEN YOU’RE GOING TO THE MOON By Sasha Beekman and Vivienne To

When you are off on a grand adventure there is always plenty to pack in your travel bag. So what would you pack when you are off to the moon? Will you take your favourite blanket? Your glittery yo-yo? And your pet iguana? When You’re Going to the Moon is a beautiful story that will warm your heart and ignite your imagination. 

Space Bag

You will need:
• Template (attached)
• Cereal box
• Scissors
• Colour pencils, textas etc. 
• Sticky tape or glue
• Ribbon.
What to do:
1. Colour in the template and cut out 
2. Glue or tape onto a cardboard cereal box
3. Add a handle for your bag. Use a length of ribbon to attach to the box
4. Pack your bag ready for a trip to the moon! What will you take? Go on an imaginary adventure to the moon and explore outer space. 
When children play they are mastering a wide range of skills that help support areas of STEM. Imaginary play allows children to problem solve and experiment with spatial awareness. By moving, running, jumping and climbing children are building their awareness of space and distance which greatly supports maths and numeracy skills. 
Songs to sing: 
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom We’re Going to the Moon, Silver Balloon, and I’m a Little Rocket ship.

Key message: Children learn by being engaged and doing.

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