When We Go Walkabout Activity Time

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Activity Time


Theme: Adventures
Yirruwa Yirrilikenuma-Langwa
By Rhoda Lalara and Alfred Lalara 

Exploring using your senses

You will need:
• You and your toddler. 
• Template (optional)
1. Go out in your garden, your street or your local park. 
2. Can you find 4 different textured items? Look and feel for something:
a. Soft (green leaf or flower petals) 
b. Spikey (cactus, caterpillar or gumnuts) 
c. Crunchy (dried leaf or bark) 
d. Smooth (stones or bark on a tree)
3. Can you pick up the items that you find? Use descriptive words to explain what you are seeing, feeling or doing. 
4. If you can collect your items then bring them home to stick onto the template. Can you add/write other words to describe your treasures?
What else did you see on your adventure? Did you see any animals, insects or birds, or did you find something they had left behind (feathers, footprints, anthills, etc)? 
Learn and sing the Native Animal Song and the Kookaburra song on the Baby Karaoke website: http://raisingchildren.net.au/baby_karaoke/baby_karaoke_landing.html 

Key Message: Children learn language by listening to it and using it. 

For full activiy time sheet please download attached PDF


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