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When We Go Camping By Sally Sutton and Cat Chapman


When We Go Camping is a fun-filled read-aloud picture book about a family on a camping adventure. Rollicking rhyming phrases provide excitement throughout the book.

The text has words with interesting sounds like flippetty, flappetty, jigg-lio – perfect to develop phonological awareness and add an extra element of fun to the story.  The watercolour illustrations capture the essence of camping and all the activities we can do outdoors. Let’s go camping!


Key Message for Parents | Children learn language by listening to it and using it
For children to learn language, to have conversations and to build their vocabulary, it is essential for them to have many opportunities to listen to and use language – every day!

Some ideas to share with parents are to:

  • Reading or sharing stories regularly.  This story has lots of rhyming which will help develop phonological (sound) awareness. Rhyming also helps anticipate what word or sound might come next
  • Sing songs, chant rhymes and share stories that have lots of repetition (even reading the same book over and over).  Repetition allows children to hear parts of the words over and over and gives the opportunity to practice saying words and sentences
  • Talk, talk, talk.  Chat with your toddler and look for opportunities to use new and exciting words and explain what they mean.  The more words children hear, the stronger their vocabulary will become.


Learning Outcomes | Outcome 3: Children Are Effective Communicators

We can help young children become effective communicators by:

  • Singing and chanting rhymes, jingles and songs. This helps to engage children in playful and exciting ways.  Playing with words and sounds makes learning fun, and children will more easily remember them and begin to use them
  • Sometimes point out words in books as you read aloud.  This helps introduce children to the concept of reading and helps them to understand communication through symbols and patterns.  Pausing while reading, giving children time to look at the picture helps them to match the images to the words they are hearing and to create meaning. 
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