When We Go Camping Activity Time

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by Sally Sutton and Cat Chapman

Camping is so much fun... pitch a tent and bang the pegs, smacketty, tappetty boppi-io! Share aloud When We Go Camping and enjoy the rhyming, lyrical text by Sally Sutton and the bold, vibrant illustrations by Cat Chapman. Get exploring!
Activity Title: Let’s go camping!
You will need:
  • Template
  • Crayons
  • Cardboard (cereal box)
  • Glue or sticky tape
  • Coloured tissue or crepe paper (optional).
  1. Decorate the tent template
  2. Cut out and fold in half. To strengthen, glue the decorated tent template onto light cardboard (cereal box). You can secure by taping or gluing the tent onto card or paper
  3. Decorate the sleeping bag template
  4. Cut out and fold along dotted line. Use your favourite small toy, Duplo or make your own camper
  5. Add a pretend campfire to your campsite. Use coloured paper, crepe or tissue paper. Scrunch coloured paper and glue onto twigs or draw your own campfire base.
More ideas:
Use the templates to create play objects. Sharing stories and playing games are perfect activities to explore imaginative play with your toddler – you might not get to go camping in real life, but you can share the experience through play.
Make a ‘real’ campsite with your child. Hang a sheet over a tree or the washing line. Prop up the edges (use chairs) to create a simple tent. Place a blanket or towel inside your tent to sit on. Take soft toys on your camping adventure. Enjoy an outdoor picnic together singing your favourite songs and sharing stories.
*STEM Focus: Toddlers are naturally curious and are ready to learn about their environment including names for plants, flowers, birds, insects and animals. Use a magnifying glass to look closely at details in your garden or park.
Your favourite songs or change words to well-known song such as If You’re Happy and You Know it... Go Camping!

Key message Children learn being engaged and doing.


For full Activity Time download attached PDF.

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