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Whatcha Building ? by Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King 

Little Davey Durak is building something, something special and something very important. On his way home from school, he passes Bruce the builder who is demolishing an old milk bar. Every day, as he passes the building site, Davey asks Bruce for pieces of timber. Bruce wonders what a little boy could possibly want with all that timber! 
Stephen Michael King’s illustrations are unique and fitting. This book is a visual masterpiece from cover to cover. Children will love to spend time looking at the collaged images and found objects that are cleverly incorporated into each spread – there is so much in the details. Andrew Daddo’s characters speak with authenticity, feeling and just a hint of nostalgia. Whatcha Building is poignant comment on the shape and function of our cities. It is also a perfect picture book for sharing with this age group! 

Key Message for Parents | Children Learn From Watching and Copying 

As children are learning through their observations of us, it is important to be mindful of how we behave, talk and act in their presence. By being a positive role model for children there are learning positive behaviours, which will shape the way they interact with others in the future. This month’s story has a powerful environmental message and reminds us of how and what we can do to help our environment. By modelling good practices such as recycling we are teaching our children how to care for our environment. 

Learning Outcomes | Outcome 3: Children Have A Strong Sense Of Well Being 

As educators we can support wellbeing in the following ways: 
  •  By providing activities like action songs which require movement, co-ordination and spatial awareness. 
  •  By providing opportunities for group learning and discovery which builds connectedness and trust 
  •  By acknowledging children’s contributions at discussion time through positive feedback, smiles and eye contact 
  •  By establishing a set of reasonable rules for story time and supporting children in adhering to them through role modelling and positive reinforcement.
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