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 Theme: Book’s Dads Love to Read (September 2013) 

Meet Wendy, a thrill seeking chicken who dares to be different! Gus Gordon’s 
Wendy will amaze and delight both young and old as she experiences life’s ups 
and downs and discovers the importance of family and friends. Gus Gordon’s 
delightful illustrations are humorous and entertaining, as is the text, which is often perfectly poignant as well.

Key Message for Parents: The best learning happens in nurturing relationships 

 Research tells us healthy brain development is a result of consistent, caring relationships in stable, nurturing environments. Let’s ensure young children have the best possible start by: 
  •  Providing an environment that is predictable and calm 
  •  Being a good role model and talking to children in a respectful way 
  •  Showing children we care by valuing their achievements big and small 
  •  Establishing a predictable, calm and enjoyable sleep routine 

Learning Outcomes Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing 

We can promote this by: 

  •  Planning joyful activities which involve dance, drama and movement 
  •  Providing materials and tools which help build fine motor skills 
  •  Planning a range of sporting activities which challenge and build gross motor skills 
  •  Showing genuine respect, affection and understanding for children 


Book Introduction 

Begin by looking at the cover together – what can we see? A chicken! Discuss what it is wearing. You may like to ask, “Why would it be wearing goggles and a helmet?” or “ Can you think of any special jobs 

which might need you to wear a helmet?” Wendy is clearly no ordinary chicken! 

During reading 

Gus Gordon’s illustrations really are a visual treat! When reading allow plenty of time to view the illustrations and discover the many humorous and delightful details. Many of the characters in the story have funny names too like Wally Winterbottom or Marvelous Molly! These are bound to elicit much giggling from the children! 

After Reading 

Ask the children what did Wendy really miss when she was working? Discuss how we all miss or families from time to time and how it is important to spend time with those we love. You might like to invite the children to share what they enjoy doing with their families. 

Movement and dance 

Wendy is a very fit and active chicken! This movement activity is a meaningful way to revisit the story and have fun together as a group. 

Play “Chicken Dance” (or “Dancing Chicken” by Justine Clarke) Get the children to dance to the music. When it stops ask the children to Balance on one leg, Jump as high as they can, Pretend to juggle like Marvelous Molly, Ride a motor bike, Blow a kiss to some one you love! You may like to use the illustrations in the book as visual prompts or create some yourself. 


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