We Love Books

We Love Books - Mini Book

To celebrate Valentines Day we have created this free printable for you. Please print it out and use it to record books you and your little ones love.



  1. You need to print out the PDF file which you can find below. The PDF file has 2 pages. We recommend printing it onto card rather than paper.

  2. The first page has 6 templates for you to record your favourite books on. You can print out this page as many times as you like, in case you have lots and lots  of books that you love! You may even want to include your children in filling out these pages. For little ones it can be as easy as them telling you their favourite books. Older children may want to do the writing.

  3. The second page consists of a front cover, a back cover and four reading quotes that we love and wanted to share with you. You will only ever need to print this page once.

  4. Once you have cut out all the pages, punch a hole in the little circle at the top left hand corner, thread a ribbon through and you have a lovely book to share with your little ones.

  5. You can leave the backs of the pages blank or add more books, memories or even photos.

  6. This book can be a work in progress. Every time you discover a new favourite book, simply fill out another page, untie the ribbon and add it to the book.

  7. Spread the love! Please feel free to forward this page or print off copies for anyone you know who loves books too!

We hope you LOVE it.


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