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Under the Ocean By Nancy Bevington 

A colourful book full of fun illustrations that show many wonderful creatures that live in the sea including turtles, stingrays, seals and parrotfish. 

Key Messages for Parents | Children learn language by listening to it and using it. 

Books are the perfect tool to introduce babies to new words. 
Early interactions with books and words help babies’ brains to grow. 
Let babies experiment with words and sounds by talking with them, repeating words and encouraging all their attempts to talk back. 

Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 2: Children are connected to and contribute to their world.

Before Reading 
The title of the book is ‘Under the Ocean’. 
Ask the children, “What can we see on the front cover?” 
Label the objects, octopus, fish, coral. 
Then talk about the colours – This fish has orange on it. This fish has blue stripes. I can see some purple coral.
During Reading 
As you read the story encourage the families/children to repeat (echo) the name of each sea creature after you, or just have a try at making a noise or vocalisations. 
Under the ocean there are: 
Turtles – turtles 
Dolphins - dolphins 
Angelfish – angelfish 
Point to the illustration of each animal as you move through the book. 
Before turning each page pose the questions, “I wonder what animals will be on the next page.” 
Draw attention to some of the details in the illustrations. 
Look! The crab has big claws 
I can see the shark has sharp teeth 
Can you see the spots on the stingray? 
After Reading 
After reading ask everyone to join in a song. Show how you can gently wave you hands from side to side to look like fish swimming. 
Song – All the fish are swimming in the water 
All the fish are swimming in the water 
Swimming in the water 
Swimming in the 
All the fish are swimming in the water 
Choose some pages in the book and change the words to fit 
“All the eels are swimming (or swishing) in the water” etc.

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