Under the Ocean Activity Time

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Under the Ocean by Nancy Bevington

Explore all the things under the sea. Can you find them all at the end of the book? 

Peek-a-boo animals under the sea!

You will need:
• You and your baby 
• Template (see attached)
• Glue or sticky tape.
What to do:
1. Cut out the 2 fish templates and fold in half
2. Stick or glue the 2 templates together to make a double-sided, tummy time card
3. When your baby has tummy time prop the card in front of them and talk about the fish 
4. Then fold one flap over to hide the fish
5. Say Peek-a-boo and lift the flap to reveal the fish to your baby
6. NOTE: Adult supervision is required to ensure baby does not mouth or eat the paper/card.
Other ideas
Carry these cards in your bag so you can play and explore together with when waiting for appointments. 
It takes several months for your baby’s eyesight to develop while they are very young but they can see high-contrast images of black and white. Using these tummy time cards helps nurture their development.
Songs to sing 
Once I Caught a Fish Alive, Here is the Sea, The Wavy Sea or A Sailor went to Sea Sea Sea.

Key message: The first five years matter and last a lifetime.

For full Activity Time please download the attached PDF
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